3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Certain settings for IEEE 802.1X sessions on the WX switch are enabled
by default. For best results, change the settings only if you are aware of a
problem with the WX switch’s 802.1X performance. For settings that you
can reset with a clear command, MSS reverts to the default value.
See “Managing WEP Keys” on page 534 for information about changing
the settings for Wired-Equivalent Privacy protocol (WEP) key rotation
CAUTION: 802.1X parameter settings are global for all SSIDs configured
on the WX switch.
Managing 802.1X
on Wired
A wired authentication port is an Ethernet port that has 802.1X
authentication enabled for access control. Like wireless users, users that
are connected to a WX switch by Ethernet wire can be authenticated
before they can be authorized to use the network. One difference
between a wired authenticated user and a wireless authenticated user is
that data for wired users is not encrypted after the users are
By default, 802.1X authentication is enabled for wired authenticated
ports, but you can disable it. You can also set the port to unconditionally
authorize, or unconditionally reject, all users.
Enabling and
Disabling 802.1X
The following command globally enables or disables 802.1X
authentication on all wired authentication ports on a WX switch:
set dot1x authcontrol {enable | disable}