3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

To configure a port group named server1 containing ports 1 through 5
and enable the link, type the following command:
WX1200# set port-group name server1 1-5 mode on
success: change accepted.
After you configure a port group, you can use the port group name with
commands that change Layer 2 configuration parameters to apply
configuration changes to all ports in the port group. For example,
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and VLAN membership changes affect the
entire port group instead of individual ports. When you make Layer 2
configuration changes, you can use a port group name in place of the
port list. Ethernet port statistics continue to apply to individual ports, not
to port groups.
To configure a port group named server2 containing ports 2 and 5 and
add the ports to the default VLAN, type the following commands:
WX1200# set port-group name server2 2,5 mode on
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set vlan default port server2
success: change accepted.
To verify the configuration change, type the following command:
WX1200# display vlan config
Admin VLAN Tunl Port
VLAN Name Status State Affin Port Tag State
---- ---------------- ------ ----- ----- ---------------- ----- -----
1 default Up Up 5
server2 none Up
4094 web-aaa Up Up 0
2 4094 Up
The web-aaa VLAN is used by the WebAAA feature and is automatically
configured by MSS.
To indicate that the ports are configured as a port group, the display
vlan config output lists the port group name instead of the individual
port numbers.
Removing a Port Group
To remove a port group, use the following command:
clear port-group name name