3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

A Wireless Switch (WX) contains nonvolatile storage. MSS allows you to
manage the files in nonvolatile storage. In addition, you can copy files
between the WX switch and a TFTP server on the network.
About System Files Generally, a WX switch’s nonvolatile storage contains the following types
of files:
System image files — The operating system software for the WX
switch and its attached MAPs
Configuration files — CLI commands that configure the WX switch
and its attached MAPs
System log files — Files containing log entries generated by MSS.
When you power on or reset the WX switch or reboot the software, the
switch loads a designated system image, then loads configuration
information from a designated configuration file.
A WX switch can also contain temporary files with trace information used
for troubleshooting. Temporary files are not stored in nonvolatile memory,
but are listed when you display a directory of the files on the switch.
Displaying Software
Version Information
To display the software, firmware, and hardware versions, use the
following command:
display version [details]
The details option displays hardware and software information about the
MAPs configured on the WX switch.