3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring and Managing Ports 85
Load-Sharing Port
A port group is a set of physical ports that function together as a single
link and provide load sharing and link redundancy. Only network ports
can participate in a port group.
You can configure up to 8 ports in a port group, in any combination of
ports. The port numbers do not need to be contiguous and you can use
10/100 Ethernet ports and gigabit Ethernet ports in the same port group.
Load Sharing
A WX switch balances the port group traffic among the group’s physical
ports by assigning traffic flows to ports based on the traffic’s source and
destination MAC addresses. The switch assigns a traffic flow to an
individual port and uses the same port for all subsequent traffic for that
Link Redundancy
A port group ensures link stability by providing redundant connections
for the same link. If an individual port in a group fails, the WX switch
reassigns traffic to the remaining ports. When the failed port starts
operating again, the WX switch begins using it for new traffic flows.
Traffic that belonged to the port before it failed continues to be assigned
to other ports.
Configuring a Port Group
To configure a port group, use the following command:
set port-group name group-name port-list mode {on | off}
Enter a name for the group and the ports contained in the group.
Do not use dashes or hyphens in a port group name. MSS will not display
or save the port group. The port group name must start with a letter.
The mode parameter adds or removes ports for a group that is already
configured. To modify a group:
Adding ports — Enter the ports you want to add, then enter mode
Removing ports — Enter the ports you want to remove, then enter
mode off.