3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Table 34 lists the CoS values to use when reassigning traffic to a different
priority. The CoS determines the MAP forwarding queue to use for the
traffic when sending it to a wireless client.
Using the dscp Option
The easiest way to filter based on DSCP is to use the dscp codepoint
option. The following commands remap IP packets from IP address that have DSCP value 46 to have CoS value 7 when they are
forwarded to any 10.10.90.x address on Distributed MAP 4:
WX1200# set security acl ip acl2 permit cos 7 ip dscp 46
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set security acl ip acl2 permit any
success: change accepted.
WX1200# commit security acl acl2
success: change accepted.
WX1200# set security acl map acl2 ap 4 out
success: change accepted.
Using the precedence and tos Options
You also can indirectly filter on DSCP by filtering on both the IP
precedence and IP ToS values of a packet. However, this method requires
two ACEs. To use this method, specify the combination of precedence
and ToS values that is equivalent to the DSCP value. For example, to filter
based on DSCP value 46, configure an ACL that filters based on
precedence 5 and ToS 12. (To display a table of the precedence and ToS
combinations for each DSCP value, use the display qos dscp-table
Table 34 Class-of-Service (CoS) Packet Handling
WMM Priority
CLI CoS Value to
Background 1 or 2
Best effort 0 or 3
Video 4 or 5
Voice 6 or 7