3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Backing Up and Restoring the System 613
To back up the current configuration file named configuration and reset
the WX switch to the factory default configuration, type the following
WX1200# copy configuration tftp://
success: sent 365 bytes in 0.401 seconds [ 910 bytes/sec]
WX1200# clear boot config
success: Reset boot config to factory defaults.
WX1200# reset system force
...... rebooting ......
The reset system force command reboots the switch. The force option
immediately restarts the system and reboots. If you do not use the force
option, the command first compares the running configuration to the
configuration file. If the files do not match, MSS does not restart the WX
switch but instead displays a message advising you to either save the
configuration changes or use the force option.
Backing Up and
Restoring the
MSS has commands that enable you to easily backup and restore WX
system and user files:
backup system [tftp:/ip-addr/]filename [all | critical]
restore system [tftp:/ip-addr/]filename [all | critical]
The backup command creates an archive in Unix tape archive (tar)
The restore command unzips an archive created by the backup
command and copies the files from the archive onto the switch. If a file in
the archive has a counterpart on the switch, the archive version of the file
replaces the file on the switch. The restore command does not delete
files that do not have counterparts in the archive. For example, the
command does not completely replace the user files area. Instead, files in
the archive are added to the user files area. A file in the user area is
replaced only if the archive contains a file with the same name.
You can create or unzip an archive located on a TFTP server or in the
switch’s nonvolatile storage. If you specify a TFTP server as part of the
filename with the backup command, the archive is copied directly to the
TFTP server and not stored locally on the switch.