3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

The RF Auto-Tuning feature dynamically assigns channel and power
settings to MAP radios, and adjusts those settings when needed.
Overview RF Auto-Tuning can perform the following tasks:
Assign initial channel and power settings when a MAP radio is started.
Periodically assess the RF environment and change the channel or
power setting if needed.
By default, RF Auto-Tuning is enabled for channel configuration and
disabled for power configuration.
Initial Channel and
Power Assignment
The following process is used to assign the channel and power to a MAP
radio when it is first enabled:
If RF Auto-Tuning is disabled for both channel and power assignment,
the radio uses the channel and power settings in the radio profile that
manages the radio. After this, the channel and power do not change
unless you change the settings in the radio profile, or enable
RF Auto-Tuning.
If RF Auto-Tuning is enabled for channel and power assignment, the
radio performs an RF scan and reports the results to the WX switch
that is managing the MAP the radio is on. The scan results include
third-party access points. Based on the scan results, MSS sets the
channel and power on the radio. MSS always selects channel and
power settings that are valid for the country of operation.
Initial channel assignment—MSS selects a channel at random
from the set of valid channels for the radio type and country code.
After this, each subsequent time the radio or RF Auto-Tuning is
restarted, a different channel is selected to ensure even distribution
among the channels.