3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

WMM QoS Mode 331
The static CoS option enables you to easily set CoS for all traffic on an
SSID by marking all the SSID’s traffic with the same CoS value.
You can use ACLs to override CoS markings or set CoS for non-WMM
The following sections describe each of these options.
WMM QoS Mode WX switches and MAPs each provide classification and marking for
WX switches classify and mark traffic based on 802.1p tag value (for
tagged traffic) or Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) value.
MAPs classify ingress traffic from wireless clients based on the service
type value in the 802.11 header, and mark the DSCP value in the IP
tunnel on which the MAP forwards the user traffic to the WX.
MAPs place traffic from a WX to a wireless client in a forwarding
queue based on the DSCP value in the tunnel carrying the traffic, then
forward the traffic based on the queue’s priority.
Figure 24 on page 332 shows how WX switches classify ingress traffic.
Figure 25 on page 333 shows how WX switches mark egress traffic.
Figure 26 on page 334 and Figure 27 on page 335 show how MAPs
classify ingress traffic and mark egress traffic.
The figures show the default mappings between DSCP and CoS. (For
information about changing CoS mappings, see “Changing CoS
Mappings” on page 344.)