3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 221
MAPs that receive their configurations from the Auto-AP profile also
receive the radio settings from the radio profile used by the Auto-AP
profile. Likewise, the SSIDs and encryption settings come from the service
profiles mapped to the radio profile. To use a radio profile other than
default, you must specify the radio profile you want to use. (See
“Specifying the Radio Profile Used by the Auto-AP Profile” on page 222.)
Changing MAP Parameter Values The commands for configuring
MAP and radio parameters for the Auto-AP profile are the same as the
commands for configuring an individual Distributed MAP. Instead of
specifying a Distributed MAP number with the command, specify auto.
For more information about the syntax, see the “MAP Commands”
chapter of the Wireless LAN Switch and Controller Command Reference.
Table 16 Configurable Profile Parameters for Distributed MAPs
Parameter Default Value
MAP Parameters
bias high
(Not shown in display ap config
force-image download disable (NO)
group (load balancing group) none
mode disabled
persistent none
enable (YES)
Radio Parameters
radio num auto-tune max-power default
radio num mode enabled
radio num radio-profile default
radiotype 11g
(or 11b for country codes where
802.11g is not allowed)