3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring MAPs 223
Displaying Status Information for MAPs Configured by the
Auto-AP Profile
To display status information for MAPs configured by the Auto-AP
profile, type the following command:
WX# display ap status auto
AP: 7, AP model: AP3750, manufacturer 3Com, name: MAP07
State: operational (not encrypted)
CPU info: IBM:PPC speed=266666664 Hz version=405GPr
id= ram=33554432
s/n=0333703027 hw_rev=A3
Uptime: 18 hours, 36 minutes, 27 seconds
Radio 1 type: 802.11g, state: configure succeed [Enabled] (802.11b protect)
operational channel: 1 operational power: 14
base mac: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c0
bssid1: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c0, ssid: public
bssid2: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c2, ssid: employee-net
bssid3: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c4, ssid: mycorp-tkip
Radio 2 type: 802.11a, state: configure succeed [Enabled]
operational channel: 64 operational power: 14
base mac: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c1
bssid1: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c1, ssid: public
bssid2: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c3, ssid: employee-net
bssid3: 00:0b:0e:00:d2:c5, ssid: mycorp-tkip
The output displays auto next to the Distributed MAP number to indicate
that the MAP was configured using an Auto-AP profile.
Converting a MAP Configured by the Auto-AP Profile into a
Permanent MAP You can convert a temporary MAP configuration
created by the Auto-AP profile into a persistent MAP configuration on the
WX switch. To do so, use the following command:
set ap auto persistent {apnumber | all}
This command creates a persistent Distributed MAP configuration based
on the settings in the Auto-AP profile. The Distributed MAP name and
number assigned by the Auto-AP profile are used for the persistent entry.
For example, if the Auto-AP profile assigned the number 100 and the
name DAP100 to the MAP, the persistent configuration for the MAP has
the same number and name. In this case, use 100 as the apnumber with
display ap, set ap, or clear ap commands.