3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

When a MAP radio detects radar on a channel, the radio switches to
another channel and does not attempt to use the channel where the
radar was detected for 30 minutes. MSS also generates a message.
The RF Auto-tuning feature must be enabled. Otherwise MSS cannot
change the channel.
Countermeasures You can enable MSS to use countermeasures against rogues.
Countermeasures consist of packets that interfere with a client’s ability to
use the rogue.
Countermeasures are disabled by default. You can enable them on an
individual radio-profile basis. When you enable them, all devices of
interest that are not in the known devices list become viable targets for
countermeasures. Countermeasures can be enabled against all rogue and
interfering devices, against rogue devices only, or against devices explicitly
configured in the WX switch’s attack list. The Mobility Domain’s seed
switch automatically selects individual radios to send the countermeasure
Mobility Domain
RF Detection requires the Mobility Domain to be completely up. If a
Mobility Domain is not fully operational (not all members are up), no new
RF Detection data is processed. Existing RF Detection information ages
out normally. Processing of RF Detection data is resumed only when all
members of the Mobility Domain are up. If a seed switch in the Mobility
Domain cannot resume full operation, you can restore the Mobility
Domain to full operation, and therefore resume RF Detection data
processing, by removing the inoperative switch from the member list on
the seed.