3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring Web Portal WebAAA 475
For the url, specify the full path; for example,
mycorp-webaaa/mycorp-login.html. If the custom login page includes
*.gif or *.jpg images, their path names are interpreted relative to the
directory from which the page is served.
9 Configure WebAAA users and rules as described in “Configuring Web
Portal WebAAA” on page 460.
Using Dynamic Fields
in WebAAA Redirect
You can include variables in the URL to which a WebAAA client is
redirected after authentication and authorization. Table 41 lists the
variables you can include in a redirect URL.
A URL string can also contain the literal characters $ and ?, if you use the
values listed in Table 42.
You can configure a redirect URL for a group of users or for an individual
user. For example, the following command configures a redirect URL
containing a variable for the username:
WX1200# set usergroup ancestors attr url http://myserver.com/$u.html
success: change accepted.
The variable applies to all WebAAA users in user group ancestors. When
user zinjanthropus is successfully authenticated and authorized, MSS
redirects the user to the following URL:
Table 41 Variables for Redirect URLs
Variable Description
$u Username of the WebAAA user
$v VLAN to which the user was assigned during
$s SSID the user is on
$p Name of the service profile that manages the
parameters for the SSID
Table 42 Values for Literal Characters
Variable Description
$$ The literal character $
$q The literal character ?