3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring the System IP Address 108
Designating the System IP Address 108
Displaying the System IP Address 108
Clearing the System IP Address 108
Configuring and Managing IP Routes 108
Displaying IP Routes 110
Adding a Static Route 111
Removing a Static Route 112
Managing the Management Services 113
Managing SSH 113
Managing Telnet 116
Managing HTTPS 118
Changing the Idle Timeout for CLI Management Sessions 119
Setting a Message of the Day (MOTD) Banner 120
Prompting the User to Acknowledge the MOTD Banner 120
Configuring and Managing DNS 121
Enabling or Disabling the DNS Client 121
Configuring DNS Servers 121
Configuring a Default Domain Name 122
Displaying DNS Server Information 122
Configuring and Managing Aliases 123
Adding an Alias 123
Removing an Alias 123
Displaying Aliases 123
Configuring and Managing Time Parameters 124
Setting the Time Zone 125
Configuring the Summertime Period 125
Statically Configuring the System Time and Date 127
Displaying the Time and Date 127
Configuring and Managing NTP 127
Adding an NTP Server 128
Removing an NTP Server 128
Changing the NTP Update Interval 128
Resetting the Update Interval to the Default 129
Enabling the NTP Client 129
Displaying NTP Information 129
Managing the ARP Table 130
Displaying ARP Table Entries 130