3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring the DHCP Server 665
Option 3—Default Router. If this option is not set with the set
interface dhcp-server command’s default-router option, the MSS
DHCP server can use the value set by the set ip route command. A
default route configured by set ip route can be used if the route is in
the DHCP client’s subnet. Otherwise, the MSS DHCP server does not
specify a router address.
Option 6—Domain Name Servers. If these options are not set with the
set interface dhcp-server command’s primary-dns and
secondary-dns options, the MSS DHCP server uses the values set by
the set ip dns server command.
Configuring the
DHCP Server
You can configure the DHCP server on an individual VLAN basis. To
configure the server, use the following command:
set interface vlan-id ip dhcp-server [enable | disable] [start
stop ip-addr2] [dns-domain domain-name] [primary-dns ip-addr
[secondary-dns ip-addr]] [default-router ip-addr]
The vlan-id can be the VLAN name or number.
The start ip-addr1 and stop ip-addr2 options specify the beginning and
ending addresses of the address range (also called the address pool). By
default, all addresses except the host address of the VLAN, the network
broadcast address, and the subnet broadcast address are included in the
range. If you specify the range, the start address must be lower than the
stop address, and all addresses must be in the same subnet. The IP
interface of the VLAN must be within the same subnet but is not required
to be within the range.
The following command enables the DHCP server on VLAN red-vlan to
serve addresses from the to range:
WX1200# set interface red-vlan ip dhcp-server enable start stop
success: change accepted.
To remove all IP information from a VLAN, including the DHCP client and
user-configured DHCP server, use the following command:
clear interface vlan-id ip
This command clears all IP configuration information from the interface.