3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring Last-Resort Access for Wired Authentication Ports 481
Configuring AAA for Users of Third-Party APs 482
Authentication Process for Users of a Third-Party AP 482
Requirements 483
Configuring Authentication for 802.1X Users of a Third-Party AP with
Tagged SSIDs 484
Configuring Authentication for Non-802.1X Users of a Third-Party AP
with Tagged SSIDs 487
Configuring Access for Any Users of a Non-Tagged SSID 487
Assigning Authorization Attributes 487
Assigning Attributes to Users and Groups 492
Assigning SSID Default Attributes to a Service Profile 493
Assigning a Security ACL to a User or a Group 494
Clearing a Security ACL from a User or Group 495
Assigning Encryption Types to Wireless Users 496
Keeping Users on the Same VLAN Even After Roaming 498
Overriding or Adding Attributes Locally with a Location Policy 499
About the Location Policy 500
How the Location Policy Differs from a Security ACL 500
Setting the Location Policy 501
Clearing Location Policy Rules and Disabling the Location Policy 503
Configuring Accounting for Wireless Network Users 504
Viewing Local Accounting Records 505
Viewing Roaming Accounting Records 505
Displaying the AAA Configuration 507
Avoiding AAA Problems in Configuration Order 508
Using the Wildcard “Any” as the SSID Name in Authentication
Rules 508
Using Authentication and Accounting Rules Together 508
Configuring a Mobility Profile 510
Network User Configuration Scenarios 512
General Use of Network User Commands 512
Enabling RADIUS Pass-Through Authentication 514
Enabling PEAP-MS-CHAP-V2 Authentication 514
Enabling PEAP-MS-CHAP-V2 Offload 515
Combining EAP Offload with Pass-Through Authentication 516
Overriding AAA-Assigned VLANs 516