3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

MAP Overview 211
RF Auto-Tuning
The RF Auto-Tuning feature dynamically assigns channel and power
settings to MAP radios, and adjusts those settings when needed.
RF Auto-Tuning can perform the following tasks:
Assign initial channel and power settings when a MAP radio is started.
Periodically assess the RF environment and change the channel or
power setting if needed.
Change the transmit data rate or power to maintain at least the
minimum data rate with all associated clients.
By default, RF Auto-Tuning is enabled for channel configuration but
disabled for power configuration.
(For more information, see Chapter 14, “Configuring RF Auto-Tuning,”
on page 311.)
Default Radio Profile
MSS contains one default radio profile, named default. To apply common
parameters to radios, you can modify the default profile or create a new
one. When you create a new profile, the radio parameters in the profile
are set to their factory default values.
Radio-Specific Parameters
The channel number, transmit power, and external antenna parameters
are unique to each radio and are not controlled by radio profiles.
Table 13 lists the defaults for these parameters.
Table 13 Radio-Specific Parameters
Parameter Default Value Description
indoors Location of the radio’s antenna.
Note: This parameter applies
only to MAPs that support
external antennas.