3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

The following command specifies logout.html, in the soda-files directory on the
WX switch, as the page to load when a client closes the SODA virtual desktop:
WX# set service-profile sp1 soda logout-page
success: change accepted.
During authentication, a pop-under window appears behind the client’s
browser. The window contains a button labeled “End Session”. The client
can click this button to terminate the session.
Specifying an
Alternate SODA
Agent Directory for a
Service Profile
By default, the WX switch expects SODA agent files for a service profile to
be located in a directory with the same name as the SSID configured for
the service profile. You can optionally specify a different directory for the
SODA agent files used for a service profile. To do this, use the following
set service-profile name soda agent-directory directory
To reset the SODA agent directory to the default value, use the following
clear service-profile name soda agent-directory
If the same SODA agent is used for multiple service profiles, you can
specify a single directory for SODA agent files on the WX switch, rather
than placing the same SODA agent files in a separate directory for each
service profile.
For example, the following command specifies soda-agent as the location
for SODA agent files for service profile sp1:
WX1200# set service-profile sp1 soda agent-directory
success: change accepted.
Uninstalling the
SODA Agent Files
from the WX Switch
To remove the directory on the WX switch that contains SODA agent files,
use the following command:
uninstall soda agent agent-directory directory
This command removes the SODA agent directory and all of its contents. All
files in the specified directory are removed. The command removes the
directory and its contents, regardless of whether it contains SODA agent files.