3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Enabling Router
A WX switch can search for multicast routers by sending multicast router
solicitation messages. This message invites multicast routers that receive
the message and that support router solicitation to immediately advertise
themselves to the WX switch. Router solicitation is disabled by default.
The MSS implementation of router solicitation is based on
To enable or disable multicast router solicitation, use the following
set igmp mrsol {enable | disable} [vlan vlan-id]
Changing the Router
Solicitation Interval
The default multicast router solicitation interval is 30 seconds. To change
the interval, use the following command:
set igmp mrsol mrsi seconds [vlan vlan-id]
You can specify 1 through 65,535 seconds. The default is 30 seconds.
Configuring Static
Multicast Ports
A WX switch learns about multicast routers and receivers from multicast
traffic it receives from those devices. When the WX switch receives traffic
from a multicast router or receiver, the switch adds the port that received
the traffic as a multicast router or receiver port. The WX switch forwards
traffic to multicast routers only on the multicast router ports and
forwards traffic to multicast receivers only on the multicast receiver ports.
The router and receiver ports that the WX switch learns based on
multicast traffic age out if they are unused.
You can add network ports as static multicast router ports or multicast
receiver ports. Ports you add do not age out.
You cannot add MAP access ports or wired authentication ports as static
multicast ports. However, MSS can dynamically add these port types to
the list of multicast ports based on multicast traffic.