3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Configuring the
Service Profile for
Mesh Services
You configure the Mesh Portal AP to beacon the mesh services SSID. To
do this, create a service profile and enable mesh services using the
following commands:
set service-profile mesh-service-profile ssid-name mesh-ssid
set service-profile mesh-service-profile mesh mode {enable |
The service profile can then be mapped to a radio profile that manages a
radio on the Mesh Portal MAP. Note that the radio profile to which the
service profile is mapped cannot be configured to auto-tune power or
channel settings.
Configuring Security The secure connection between the Mesh AP and the Mesh Portal AP is
established in a two-step process: creation of an encrypted
point-to-point link between the Mesh AP, and the Mesh Portal AP,
then authentication of the Mesh
When the Mesh AP is booted, it searches for a beacon containing the
configured mesh SSID. Once it locates a Mesh Portal AP with the mesh
SSID, it associates with the Mesh Portal AP as a client device. The Mesh
AP can then be authenticated by the WX switch.
To configure the Mesh AP to be authenticated, use the following
set service-profile mesh-service-profile rsn-ie enable
set service-profile mesh-service-profile auth-psk enable
set service-profile mesh-service-profile cipher-ccmp enable
set service-profile mesh-service-profile cipher-tkip disable
set service-profile mesh-service-profile {psk-phrase
pass-phrase | psk-raw raw-pass}
set mac-user mesh-ap-mac-addr attr vlan-name default
set authentication mac ssid mesh-ssid * local
The pass-phrase or raw-pass is the same one configured on the Mesh AP.
addition, the Mesh AP must have its serial number and fingerprint
configured o
n the WX switch.