3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

MAP Overview 207
Public and Private SSIDs
Each radio can support the following types of SSIDs:
Encrypted SSID — Clients using this SSID must use encryption. Use
the encrypted SSID for secured access to your enterprise network.
Clear SSID — Clients using this SSID do not use encryption. Use the
clear SSID for public access to nonsecure portions of your network.
All supported MAP models can support up to 32 SSIDs per radio. Each
SSID can be encrypted or clear, and beaconing can be enabled or
disabled on an individual SSID basis.
Each radio has 32 MAC addresses and can therefore support up to 32
SSIDs, with one MAC address assigned to each SSID as its BSSID. A MAP's
MAC address block is listed on a label on the back of the access point. If
the MAP is already deployed and running on the network, you can
display the MAC address assignments by using the display {ap | dap}
status command.
All MAC addresses on a MAP are assigned based on the MAP’s base
MAC address, as described in Table 11.
Table 11 MAC Address Allocations on MAPs
MAP Model Address Allocation
MAP All models The MAP has a base MAC address. All the other
addresses are assigned based on this address.
All models Ethernet port 1 equals the MAP base MAC
Ethernet port 2 (if the MAP model has one)
equals the MAP base MAC address + 1.