3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

Access points not present in ssid-list 0 0
Access points not present in vendor-list 0 0
Clients not present in vendor-list 0 0
Clients added to automatic black-list 0 0
MSS generates log messages for most of these statistics. See “IDS and
DoS Alerts” on page 584.
Displaying SSID or
BSSID Information for
a Mobility Domain
To display SSID or BSSID information for an entire Mobility Domain, use
the following command on the seed switch:
display rfdetect mobility-domain [ssid ssid-name | bssid
The following command displays summary information for all SSIDs and
BSSIDs detected in the Mobility Domain:
WX1200# display rfdetect mobility-domain
Total number of entries: 194
Flags: i = infrastructure, a = ad-hoc, u = unresolved
c = CCMP, t = TKIP, 1 = 104-bit WEP, 4 = 40-bit WEP, w = WEP(non-WPA)
BSSID Vendor Type Flags SSID
----------------- ------------ ----- ------ --------------------------------
00:07:50:d5:cc:91 Cisco intfr i----w r27-cisco1200-2
00:07:50:d5:dc:78 Cisco intfr i----w r116-cisco1200-2
00:09:b7:7b:8a:54 Cisco intfr i-----
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:c0 3Com intfr i----- public
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:c2 3Com intfr i----w 3Comwlan
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:c4 3Com intfr ic---- 3Com-ccmp
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:c6 3Com intfr i----w 3Com-tkip
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:c8 3Com intfr i----w 3Com-voip
00:0a:5e:4b:4a:ca 3Com intfr i----- 3Com-webaaa
The lines in this display are compiled from data from multiple listeners
(MAP radios). If an item has the value unresolved, not all listeners agree
on the value for that item. Generally, an unresolved state occurs only
when a MAP or a Mobility Domain is still coming up, and lasts only
The following command displays detailed information for rogues using
SSID 3Com-webaaa.
WX1200# display rfdetect mobility-domain ssid 3Com-webaaa
BSSID: 00:0a:5e:4b:4a:ca Vendor: 3Com SSID: 3Com-webaaa
Type: intfr Adhoc: no Crypto-types: clear