3Com WX2200 3CRWX220095A Switch User Manual

You cannot configure any gigabit Ethernet port, or port 7 or 8 on a
WX1200 switch, or port 1 on a WXR100, as a MAP port. To manage a
MAP on a switch model that does not have 10/100 Ethernet ports,
configure a Distributed MAP connection on the switch. (See “Configuring
a MAP Connection” on page 74.)
The radio models in MP-620 require external antenna, and model
MP-262 requires an external antenna for the 802.11b/g radio. The
following models have internal antennas but also have connectors for
optional use of external antennas instead: AP2750, AP3150, AP3750,
AP7250, AP8250, AP8750, MP-372, MP-372-CN, and MP-372-JP.
(Antenna support on a specific model is limited to the antennas certified
for use with that model.) To specify the antenna model, use the set {ap |
dap} radio antennatype command.
To set ports 4 through 6 for MAP model AP2750 and enable PoE on the
ports, type the following command:
WX1200# set ap <apnum> port <port> model <ap_type> [ poe
<enable | disable> ]
This may affect the power applied on the configured ports.
Would you like to continue? (y/n) [n]y
success: change accepted.
Additional configuration is required to place a MAP into operation. For
information, see Chapter 10, “Configuring MAP Access Points,” on
page 177.
Configuring a MAP Connection
To configure a connection for a MAP (referred to as a AP in the CLI), use
the following command:
set ap apnumber serial-id serial-ID
model {2230 | 2230A | AP7250 | AP3150 | AP3750 | mp-52 |
mp-241 | mp-252 | mp-262 | mp-341 | mp-352 | mp-372 |
mp-372-CN | mp-422 | mp620} [radiotype {11a | 11b| 11g}]
The apnumber refers to an index value that identifies the MAP on the WX
switch. This value does not have to be related to the port to which the
MAP is connected.
The range of valid apnumber values depends on the WX model. Table 7
lists the ranges for each WX model.